Matt Seccafien

I'm Matt. You may also know me as Cartogram.
Currently working at DeepL as a Senior Developer,
previously cofounded Pawzzles and Fondfolio.

While I most identify with being a visual designer and creative entrepreneur, I've filled a range of roles at digital product companies, from site resiliency engineering and incident response to front-end engeineering on an openly developed commerce-focused web framework, and many other roles in-between. Autonomy is important to me. I understand the breadth of problems more than any one facet, and am most productive and happy when free to choose where to insert myself in the process.

I’ve always loved the internet and my work naturally gravitates toward making the internet a more useful, open and good place. Outside of work you can usually find me running around Templehofer Feld or spending time with my creative and life partner, Fiona.


Built between runs in Templehofer Feld. Coded on VS Code on a MacBook Air. Set in Lausanne type with permission from Nizar Kazan.

Written in TypeScriptusing a small stack of React-oriented, open-source packages, including but not limited to:

View the full source code on GitHub.

Gallito! Coming Soon2022
Distance over time Coming Soon2022
Plant Intelligence Coming Soon2022
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